5 Ideas For Your Best Christmas #1

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Christmas is a beautiful, wonderful, magical time of the year….when everyone LOSES THEIR MINDS. Walk through any store between Thanksgiving and Christmas; see the people frowning and scowling at each other, the store employees looking frazzled and drained, everyone pushing, shoving and bumping into each other to get the hottest item? Hear the credit card machines dinging people farther and farther into the hole? Fun times.


I know you have said to yourself, “There has to be a better way.” Well there is. I don’t have it completely figured out quite yet but I’m getting there. I thought I’d share some ideas with you. Perhaps you can use a few of them!


Here is my first suggestion to keep the Christmas season a time of joy and not a time of frustration and stress:


Finish your shopping before Thanksgiving.

Finish your shopping before Thanksgiving for a better Christmas
Finish your shopping before Thanksgiving for a better Christmas


This is the single most important thing I do to save my sanity. Yes, I miss out on black Friday deals. However, I usually shop and plan for this throughout the year so I am able to find good deals.


This year I didn’t plan as far ahead as usual but I did buy one child a refurbished digital camera
instead of a new one so I was able to get a better camera within our budget. Amazon is my best friend!  There are ways to save money without Black Friday.


I don’t buy presents for the grandparents before Thanksgiving but I will explain that more on Wednesday.


For this year, I have already bought the main presents. I need to get some craft supplies for some presents and  order the kids’ Christmas outfits and look for a couple stocking stuffers then I am done!


I know it is already the beginning of November and you may be wondering if you can possibly get your shopping done by Thanksgiving. I have faith that you can if you really want to, also tomorrow’s tip may make that idea a little less overwhelming!


Want to chat more about this idea? Leave a comment and let me know how much of your Christmas shopping you have done. 

Here is my periscope discussion of this event, there weren’t any questions but if you want to watch here it is 🙂

Check back tomorrow for tip #2!!


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