2016 Social Media Pledge

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It is time to regain some etiquette and consideration for others. It is time to make the internet a nice place to communicate. It is time to stop letting it cause division and discord and create a place of encouragement and inspiration. We can do this! Will you join me in my efforts to create change?


My 2016 Social Media Pledge

I will be KIND and THINK about what I am about to say/type (is it True, Helpful, Informative, Necessary, Kind-most importantly kind?). I will only post something if it is at least 2 of those things, and always as kind as possible. 

I will remember that some conversations are better had in person in the context of an established relationship, and some things simply don’t need to be shared. 

I will avoid posting things that are unnecessarily inflammatory or judgmental. 

I will practice common sense and critical thinking. 

I will just keep scrolling. (Make like Dori!) I won’t engage in debate.

I will realize that I don’t understand every part of someone else’s position and refrain from judging what I don’t understand.

I will seek to understand opinions contrary to mine better by listening, researching, and building relationships with those I don’t agree with. Social media pledge

I will realize that I only see a small part of someone’s life on social media and their positions are likely influenced by things I am unaware of and/or can’t fully understand.

I will not feel the need to correct everything everyone posts-even if they are wrong. I will keep my opinion to myself if it was not asked for. 

I will not attack the PERSON no matter how much I disagree with their opinions or ideas.

I won’t take things personally, (Make like Elsa) even when others attempt to make them personal.

I will remind myself that posts that are contrary to my opinions or beliefs, even if inflammatory, do not need a response. Generally such posts are not aimed directly at me. I cannot make everyone happy, nor will everyone agree with me. I do not need to be concerned with what others think of me.

I will ignore inflammatory posts. Don’t feed the trolls.


I will focus on the positive, build others up, encourage, and compliment. If I can’t do one of these I will scroll on by.

I will think about what I would like someone to say to me and then I will say that to someone else.

I will not feel the need to disclose every detail of my life online. Some things need to be kept private

I will remember Grandma’s rules:

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. You attract more flies with honey. Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Think before you speak.

I will speak to others online the way I would speak to their face; better yet, the way I would want to be spoken to.

I will be the change I want to see. 

Will you take the pledge and join me in changing the internet? Comment below and let me know!



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