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Overhauling Our Homeschool – Adjusting our “How” to fit our “Why”


This post is part of the 2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair hosted by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. You can see the list of my posts for the 2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair here


2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair introduction


WEEK 2: How We Homeschool

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2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week 2: How we homeschool; Overhauling our Homeschool


Last week I shared our reasons for homeschooling but there is one reason which is also our main goal that I did not share.

To teach our children how to learn, to instill a love of learning, and to create a lifestyle of learning. 

Over the last year or so our methods of homeschooling have not been serving this goal so we are currently in the process of changing our methods to match the goal. One thing I have learned about homeschooling is that you can’t be too committed to one way of doing things. You must be able to adjust when the methods don’t serve the mission.

For the last seven years we have been using a very classical method of schooling and for the most part, it was working well. Lately, I’ve noticed that it is no longer working for certain children and is causing undue stress in the family. So we are switching things up and taking a much more relaxed approach. (There is nothing wrong with the method itself it just isn’t a good fit for our family in our current phase.)

I have found that there isn’t a specific method that quite fits my personal vision for my homeschool. There are several that come close:

Unschooling……..Delight Directed…….Life Schooling…….Interest Led…….

So I’m piecing together my own method based on our goals and vision. I am drawing inspiration and ideas from many resources and hacking together my own method. Next week, we will talk more about some of the specific curricula and resources I’m using, but today I’m just going to address the method in general.

Here are some of the ideas and inspiration I’m using to create our new schooling method:



I love this kid! He is wise beyond his years! 


Leadership Education:


These two books are basically the starting point for what is called Thomas Jefferson Education or Leadership Education. You can also find lots of great resources on the TJed website and their Facebook group is a wonderful place for ideas and support! I am planning to use many (probably most) of the ideas they present in my schooling.



I just bought this book and am enjoying it so far! I am only a couple chapters in. So far it is more about the why than the how but regardless it is encouraging and inspirational.


Charlotte Mason:

While I plan to be more relaxed than a true Charlotte Mason follower, I love her emphasis on reading good literature and will be incorporating nature journaling and some of her other ideas into my homeschool. Ambleside Online is an amazing (free) resource for all things Charlotte Mason. You can use it as your entire curriculum or draw what you want and leave the rest.


Other Resources:

Here are just a few other resources I’m using as I pray and plan how our homeschool should function to best meet our goals:

Lifeschooling Conference – this is a live conference in North Carolina that sounds very much like what I want to implement in my family. I can’t go to North Carolina in the foreseeable future but they do offer the digital recordings on their website for the 2016 and 2017 conferences. I’m currently working my way through the 2017 recordings (then I will go back and watch the 2016 videos).


 <Excellent book for ALL homeschool moms regardless of what method you use or theory you subscribe to!



 What can I say? I love everything by the Clarksons and this one happens to have lots of tips and advice that fit my vision!>






2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week 2: How we homeschool; Overhauling our Homeschool



So, I don’t have a specific method to tell you about. It is sort of unschooling, sort of delight directed, and heavily influenced by Leadership Education. If you are yearning for more freedom in your homeschool and more time for your kids to explore and learn naturally rather than through prescribed curriculum and workbooks perhaps these resources will give you a place to start.


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What do my fellow homeschool bloggers have to say about their Homeschool Method? Go visit them to find out!

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Journaling Through The Bible in 2018 – Week 2

I am reading and journaling chronologically through the Bible in 2018. Each Sunday I will post one of my journaling pages and thoughts from that week’s reading. There are several ways for you to participate see below for details!

You may also want to check out my journaling from this week last year!


I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2018, join me for this Bible reading and journaling Challenge!



The Reading:

This week I was in the story of Jacob. His family is just full of drama. I’ve never really understood a lot of this story, I think there are some cultural elements that I would need to be familiar with for it to really make sense. First you have Isaac and Rebekah picking favorites, then you have Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of stew (really? I hope it was good stew!). Then Rebekah is encouraging Jacob to decieve his father even though there doesn’t seem to be any other issues in their relationship.

All of this leads to a broken relationship between the brothers causing Jacob to need to flea for his life. But he doesn’t escape the drama. He is tricked into marrying the wrong sister, then ends up married to both sisters with lots of drama between them and is continually tricked and cheated by his uncle.

Amazingly once he leaves his uncle and returns home he is welcomed home by his brother. God must have intervened with Esau to result in his forgiveness toward his brother.



The Journaling:

I wanted to try out my new Slicci pens so I chose a pre-printed page with block letters to color in. The new pens are finer tipped than my Metallic Slicci pens so they feel a bit different but I really like them. They are smooth and bold. I also realized I should probably start dating my journaling.

I have discovered a new Bible Journaling resource I thought you might be interested in; Bible Journaling Ministries. They offer a free beginner class as well as paid classes, a membership, and lots of printable journaling aids. I went ahead and joined the membership because it includes access to everything they produce. I haven’t had a chance to dig too much into it yet but am really looking forward to taking the classes. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have some art work using one of their products or classes to share with you! In the meantime check it out, the monthly membership is very affordable. (I’m not an affiliate or anything I just think it’s a great resource!)



I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2018, join me for this Bible reading and journaling Challenge!


What I used for this entry:

Loew-Cornell watercolor pencils
Pentel Slicci Pens
Pentel Oil Pastels
Sargent Art Watercolor Pencils
in the One Year Chronological Expressions Bible


Scripture Writing:

Part of my study this year includes writing out scriptures on certain subjects. They are women and marriage; children, family, and behavior; and feelings and the character of God. I keep these in three different sections of a multi-subject notebook. I share the scriptures I find in the facebook group, join me there to follow along!


Your Turn:

I am reading and journaling through the entire Bible in Chronological order in 2018, join me for this Bible reading and journaling Challenge!


There are many ways you can participate in my reading and journaling through the Bible challenge this year:

*Follow the board then send me a message with your Pinterest profile and ask me to add you as a contributor*


Last week we had my regular linkup participants Dani and Peabea! They are both amazing artists and you should definitely check out their work. I also want to welcome two new participants on the linkup, Annette from A Net In Time and Margaret from Creative Madness Mama! Make sure to check out all fo their posts!



Are you reading and/or journaling through the Bible this year? OR do you have a blog post about Bible journaling? Join my link up by linking up your post about reading through the Bible in 2017 or any post about Bible journaling.


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Kids, Crunch, and Christ Journal Through The Bible



The year is starting out very well for us. We are working towards our new daily routine and school routines. I’m changing up our approach to school (somthing I’ll share more about on Monday).  My OCC team is growing and I see God moving in that! I’m working on getting into a good blogging routine and have many ideas for additions and improvements to this blog I hope to work on through the year.



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Scripture and Snapshot                                                 


SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review – New Features! and a SPECIAL

I shared last January a bit about all of the amazing classes and content included in a SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership. Throughout 2017 SchoolhouseTeachers added TONS of new classes and they are currently running an AMAZING sale so I thought it was time for an update.

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {SchoolhouseTeachers.com}

I have been a member and a teacher (Kindergarten Social Studies) of SchoolhouseTeachers.com for two years but have really only dabbled with the classes for my kids. You can see some of what we have tried here. About a month ago my husband and I made a decision to significantly change up how we are doing school. Part of that decision means we will be utilizing SchoolhouseTeachers as our main source of curriculum. With over 360 courses including almost any high school course you need, there really isn’t a need for any additional curriculum. I’m a bit of a curriculum junky so I will probably purchase additional resources but will draw from SchoolhouseTeachers as our main source and will ALWAYS check what they offer first.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a membership website; the incredibly affordable Yearly Membership gives you access to everything they offer for your entire family. No need to buy a membership for each person! This is awesome for those of us with large families but still affordable for smaller families as well! Every class is self-paced and most do not require the purchase of any additional material!

In addition to specific classes, they have parent and student planners, a schedule builder, record keeping service, a parent ebook library, SchoolhouseEXPO videos, a monthly menu and more! Here are more details about some of the awesome features on the website:

World Book

SchoolhouseTeachers now offers membership to several World Book libraries at no extra cost to its members! This is an amazing resource and amazing value. You will find articles, videos, games, research tools, lesson plans and more for every age group!

Video Library

SchoolhouseTeachers.com membership also includes a membership to RightNow Media! This video library is full of educational, entertaining, and spiritually uplifting videos from a variety of sources. Some of these videos are used as course components but can also be watched just for fun.

Molly Green

Content from Molly Green has been rolled into SchoolhouseTeachers.com. In this section, you will find all of the digital issues of the magazine, ebooks, guides and more! Molly Green is a resource for everything HOME: HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, HOMEindustry, and HOMEsteading and now this is all included in your SchoolhouseTeachers membership!

Focused Learning Center

In this area of the website, you will find collections to help you with specific subjects or areas of concern. Maybe you have a child who needs additional help with math or maybe you have a child preparing for college and would like some guidance on how to go about that. You will find it in the Focused Learning Centers. You will also find the Preschool Playground, resources for homeschooling special needs, information on Charlotte Mason Homeschooling and a Hands-On Learning Center.

My oldest is enjoying the Career Center for finding classes that fit her future goals. She hopes to be a Veterinarian but is also interested in Photography, Graphic Design, and Film Making, all of which are included in the Career Center.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg! A SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership gives you more than I could possibly list in one blog post for an amazingly reasonable price. I didn’t even touch on the over 360 classes that span Pre-K through High School. Classes include outlines, lesson plans, videos, printables, and certificates of completion. You can bookmark classes you are interested in and even make bookmark lists for each child to easily access the courses they are working on.

Tip: It can be a little overwhelming when you first start looking for classes on SchoolhouseTeachers. I printed out the Course Checklist under Planning and highlighted the classes I wanted my kids to take. This might make the planning a little less overwhelming for you. The printable list is organized by subject but you can also search classes by grade on the website.

Right now, through January 31st new members can get an amazing deal! This is the lowest price of the year so sign up now!

Schoolhouse Teachers 2018 Fresh Start New Years Speical

Homeschool Curriculum for Everybody - {SchoolhouseTeachers.com Reviews}

Crew Disclaimer

How Our Homeschool Came To Be (and why we continue)

This post is part of the 2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair hosted by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. You can see the list of my posts for the 2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair here


2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair introduction


WEEK 1: The Reasons We Homeschool

Please see the bottom of the post for a list of all the Week One Virtual Homeschool Fair Posts. 


How Our Homeschool Came To Be

I’m going to be really honest; I used to be pretty anti-homeschooler. I just didn’t understand why on earth anyone would want to homeschool and thought they all fit the “weird unsocialized homeschooler” stereotype. I couldn’t imagine homeschooling and had every intention of having my 2.5 kids and sending them off to school so I could go to work. Then my oldest was born, on September 7th. Meaning she would turn six just a few days after starting kindergarten. This particular child was very mature for her age from the get-go (yes, I know everyone thinks their child is smart/mature/gifted etc but she really was very mature), but she also tended to follow along with other children she was around. I was concerned that if she were the oldest in her class she would not only be bored but would follow other (younger) kids in the class and possibly pick up bad habits. (No I’m not calling all kindergarteners bad, it was just my train of thinking at the time.)

In Texas, if you homeschool kindergarten a year early and try to enroll your child in school they will still put that child in kindergarten per his/her age. However, what I was told (I have no idea if this was or still is completely accurate) was that if you homeschool through first grade they will let that child go into public school for second grade regardless of age.

I figured I could easily handle homeschooling kindergarten and first grade and then put her in school, problem solved!!

I am a researcher and relatively impulsive when it comes to jumping into something new so when my oldest was all of two-and-a-half I dove into homeschooling methods and curriculum. I found online homeschooling forums and connected with moms who had been doing it for a while. I bought boxed curriculum and individual curriculum and tried lots and lots of things. A whole new world opened up to me and the people there were not nearly as strange or unsocialized as I had imagined! I basically fell in love with homeschooling and completely forgot about the idea of putting her in school in second grade.


2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week 1 why we homeschool; How our homeschool came to be and why we continue!


Why We Continue

I don’t even know where to begin with what our current reasons are for homeschooling and why I continued past my original goal of first grade. Homeschooling fits our family, I love the flexibility, and I love being my children’s primary adult influence. Here are just a few of the main reasons we homeschool:



We are a military family. We move. My husband deploys…then returns. The Army dictates when we can take a vacation. These things are tricky when kids are in school and must abide by school schedules. The Army does try to accommodate those schedules; most military members with school-age kids move during the summer or over Christmas break. But the fact that a large number of military families move during this time can make scheduling movers, getting housing, flights, etc harder due to demand. Leave is usually scheduled in the summer and over Christmas as well but when they are about to deploy or have just returned leave is generally also offered near departure and return dates which could fall anytime during the year.

Homeschooling allows us to take a break during moves and before and after deployments if that fits our family better than the traditional schedule of a school. This means we can move during slower times which makes some of those logistics easier. My kids are able to take several days off school when my husband returns or is about to leave in order to spend valuable family time with him. It also allows us to take a break when babies are born and to take vacation or travel to see family when travel is less expensive and less crowded.

A side benefit that is related to flexibility is consistency. My kids’ schooling doesn’t change when we move. We carry everything with us and pick right back up where we left off (or maybe we school during the move). We don’t have to worry about kids in the new school being in a different spot or on a different topic and we don’t have to worry about kids missing too much during the move itself.

Family Culture

I want my kids to be closer to their siblings than most other people. My husband and I want to be the primary adult influence in their lives. I want to teach them our values and beliefs interwoven into all of our lessons. This doesn’t mean we don’t ever teach them a different perspective or expose them to people with different beliefs, we do, but it is in an intentional and carefully planned way based on each child’s personality and maturity. I want to protect the culture in my home from being overly influenced by other children, families with very different values, media, and any other influence that would love to influence my children if I am not being intentional.

Individualized Education

Kids are different. They are all so different. Within my family, every single one of my children learn in a different way, at a different rate, and are motivated by and interested in different things. A school can’t cater to every single child-it just isn’t possible. At home we can follow interests, we can slow down or speed up as needed, and we can tailor education for each child to match their personalities and learning styles.


Yep, I shelter my children and view this as a benefit of homeschooling. As I said above that doesn’t mean I don’t expose them to and discuss other ideas, beliefs, and ways of life. It means I do it when they are ready rather than on an arbitrary schedule or when their peers tell them things beyond their ability to comprehend. I believe the home should be a shelter, a safe place, where innocence is not destroyed and difficult subjects are broached carefully in a way tailored to each child.



2018 Virtual Homeschool Fair Week 1: Why we homeschool; How our homeschool came to be and why we continue!


I came to homeschooling in one way but my reasons have evolved into a multifaceted approach. There are as many reasons to homeschool as there are homeschool families and those reasons change as the seasons of life change. I have always said we will homeschool for as long as it is the best option for our family. So far, it has always been the best option and I don’t foresee that changing.


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